profile aluminum

molding design and manufacturing unit

This unit of the valid aluminum factory includes the mold section design and manufacturing, in 2002 was founded. Our final goal is to satisfy the customer. So with considering the high properties of aluminum in terms of weight and suitable forming capability and the possibility of production with different physical properties, we purchase different manufacturing machines. For instance, we purchase CNC machines for Asab steel molding manufacturing of the 8407 alloy steel alloy molds have applied to the extrusion press.

molding Technical specifications

1- the Design unit, in which the desired design sketched as an AutoCAD file.

2- steel type Used is Assab Uddeholm 8407

3- Type of mold is step-conical mold

4- Modeling with CNC machine or Wire Cut machine

5- Setting the filler and feeding of the mold

6- Primary production, then re-polishing the mold

7- Nitriding mold, which is given to steel for hardness.

8- Ready to produce the required amount for the customer

First, the raw material required for the production of aluminum profile (billet) is preheated in the furnace to 400 to 450 Centigrade. Then after ensuring that the temperature of the billet reaches this high, it is injected into the mold by the press machine, and immediately after the profile leaves the mold the mold temperature will be measured. The profile temperature is 520 to 570. Centigrade depending on the cross-section of the profile.

After this step, the aluminum profile is automatically cutting to 6 meters pieces and placed in packages for AGING heat treatment in a special furnace. Then the products are taken to the paint unit and after the spraying operation, they are placed in the furnace for 45 minutes, the adhesive is removed. In this case, according to the profile standard, it must withstand the equivalent of 350 kg in the tensile test, which the company’s production profiles can withstand up to 600 kg.