Valid Aluminum Collection, considering the customer’s needs and saving their time in 2007, has added an automatic electrostatic paint line to its collection, which imports its products with 300 types of color variation and with different thicknesses of 70 to 90 microns (according to the customer’s order). Has marketed.

  1. Carrying out a complete pre-paint substructure project including degreasing, dusting, and chromate with appropriate quality
  2. Use sun-resistant polyester-based paints
  3. Spray automatic paint (robotic) and create a uniform color layer on the profile surface
  4. Utilizing the transmission line and continuous color kiln, with different temperatures depending on the type of paint used
  5. Control of quality indicators during the painting stage by impact tests, bending, abrasion, and…
  6. Packaging with a fully automatic machine and the use of suitable coatings between the profiles