profile aluminum

Optimal use of experienced specialists and the latest modern systems in the world (such as 7 and 8 Press machine with 2000 and 2500 atmosphere pressure atmosphere) accelerated the development of the company. By producing other products such as irrigation pipes, special telecommunication sections including telecommunication towers, And specialized industrial sections, including car sections and industrial pallets, the company has established its position in the world’s industry. Making molds, manufacturing industrial and facade profiles, aluminum windows, thermal break profiles, and various other profiles, having a press machine with a pressure of 2500 atmospheres and producing 3000 tons of aluminum profiles annually are among the capabilities of the valid aluminum company.

valid aluminum is a Manufacturer of double-glazed and single-glazed profiles for all types of double-glazed doors and double-glazed aluminum doors and windows and thermal break curtain wall system and profiles for fully automatic electric doors and industrial sections.